About Us

Dedication to quality has made Cogar Print & Graphics the printer of choice for both large and small companies for over 30 years. In an industry that is continually increasing its demand for quality while reducing its turnaround time, we are proud to have received what we consider the highest honor, the praise and appreciation of our customers. It is equally important to us to meet and many times exceed the quality standards put forth by the Printing & Graphics Association, Mid Atlantic. We are proud to have been recognized with an award of excellence in print quality. This is why our #1 Goal has always been to provide our customers with a quality piece through reliable service at a competitive price.

Cogar Print & Graphics was founded in 1980 by Randy Cogar. He began this entrepreneurial venture with 16 years of prior experience in the printing industry. His vision was to help market small area businesses by providing innovative ideas and quality printing. Since then things have continued to grow and a second generation of leadership is in place supporting and enhancing the ideas in which the company was founded.

We could not have grown to what we are today without the continued support of our loyal customers who range from the local Mom-&-Pop shop to the large National Corporations. They keep reinforcing what we have built this company on, that is that quality and service equal customer satisfaction.